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Chief Editor's note

The beginning of any scientific and research oriented journal is like a new horizon in the issue of awareness and knowledge, especially in humanities, and social sciences, which is the place of the great and decisive challenges. Thanks to God, the first issue of the Iranian journal of "International Relations" is going to be published; it is worth mentioning a few points.

First point: The humanities and social sciences, in comparison with other sciences, are of the unique condition, because these sciences play a unique role in the proper regulation of human relations, a suitable and excellent society, economic progress and prosperity, international exchange and so on.
The second point: is the need to localize the humanities and social sciences in the present age. This type of human knowledge, on the one hand, is rooted in the depths of culture and, on the other hand, is suitable for defining human beings in culture. Therefore, the findings of the social sciences were efficient and constructive when they were compatible with the intellectual foundations and the culture of the society, a society whose main distinguishing feature from other societies is the Iranian identity.
With regard to the goals of the journal, inserting articles related to the theoretical foundations of different schools and reviewing them will create the standing point to compare different perspectives and theories of international relations accurately in practice, and will be a place to be observed by other researchers.
The words "Iranian" and "international relations" in the title of the Journal indicate attention to both "Iranian" and "international relations". So that is a good opportunity for all scholars, knowledgeable writers and respected collaborators in international relations and international politics, foreign policy, regional studies and politics with a focus on theoretical, and international issues and issues related to Iran, the Middle East and the Islamic world, to reflect their thoughts and submit the desired articles with this Journal.
Now, with the publication of the first issue of this journal, it is a time to thank for the efforts of all those involved, including Dr. Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh, The managing director, the members of the editorial board, the faculty board who made their valuable efforts not only on the quality dimension but also on the operational dimension of the journal, and I sincerely thank all the loved ones who help us by submitting the article, and I wish all the best to all of them.

                         Akram Salehi
Chief Editor of the Iranian Journal of International Relations


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