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Jun 14, 2021


By: Adam Thomson

Rather than forever circling the wagons, NATO needs to develop its own ideas so that it can respond credibly to its adversaries’ proposals and restore its leadership role. As the alliance’s leaders gather this week, they must recognize that reviving the arms-control agenda is the key to members’ collective defense.

April 14, 2022,

 By: Hal Brands

 Friedberg’s analysis also leads him to argue that Chinese President Xi Jinping isn’t a departure from his predecessors but just one more in a line of Leninists.That obscures the radicalness of some of Xi’s actions, including ending the term limits on the presidency,....

By Anna Reid

May/June 2022

On the evening of February 21, 2022, three days before Russian forces began the largest land invasion on the European continent since World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an angry televised speech. In it, he expressed familiar grievances about the eastward expansion of NATO, alleged Ukrainian aggression, and the presence of Western missiles on Russia’s border.

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