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The end of the twelfth government will not stop the negotiations

Fereydoun Majlisi in an Interview with the special case of the month: The end of the twelfth government caused the interruption of the negotiations, the current negotiations are done with sovereignty.

Fereydoun Majlisi, a former diplomat of our country and a prominent analyst of Iranaian journal of international relations about the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the next government, pointed out that; first, the outcome of the current Hamas war is very important. To influence the negotiations, Israel started stupid eviction of Palestinians from their home from the Jarahi neighborhood of Jerusalem in which provoke the Palestinians to react and it succeeded....

If Interactions leads to the occupation of Gaza Hamas stand will be dismantled But Israel's relationship with the Arabs will be in crisis, especially in Bahrain, the UAE and Oman. The former diplomat and prominent analyst stated that, I do not think the Islamic Republic will react vehemently and disrupt the negotiation situation. On the other hand, Israel does not want to eliminate Hamas and it considers the threat of Hamas as a source of life and an excuse for her expansionism.  For this reason, it does not want to resolve the Vienna’s negotiations and lift sanctions even if the Islamic Republic draws back from the Israeli threat. The pretext for the presence of the Islamic Republic in the last forty years, it has had the best achievements for Israel in the last forty years. According to Fereydoun Majlesi, The provocation of Austria to raise the Israeli flag in support of Israel and Hamas' condemnation was intended to provoke a vehement reaction from Iranian negotiators.

Mr. Fereydoun Majlisi acknowledged about the possible future negotiating team that the end of the twelfth government will not stop the negotiations because the current negotiations are done with the government. Of course, as I wrote, they prefer to conclude in this government that they can both benefit and be able to defeat it. In the future negotiating team will be used of some members of the current team representing the government either in public or behind the scenes. But negotiation is about finding a solution and it is not the solution itself. Fereydoun Majlisi also stated that Personally, I have not hope for the outcome of the negotiations and the lifting of sanctions. probably Adjustments will be made, but if the current war continues and it spreads to Hezbollah in Lebanon, It will have serious and different results and it will gradually bring Iran into the battlefield. The same happened in Syria, unless the Islamic Republic is ready to change its policy.

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