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The previous negotiating team must be maintained

 Dr. Ali Morshedizad

 Faculty member of Shahed University

Dr. Ali Morshedi-Zad, Professor of Political Science at Shahed University and Researcher in the Field of Islamic Revolutionary Studies in Iran in a conversation with the Iranian journal of international relations said that I would like to be optimist that this administration stopped any agreement in negotiation because there is no desire for making this agreement in the name of the Twelfth administration, but it seems to be a more difficult issue.

My impression is that we are in a fragile position given the volume of sanctions and the extent to which they have become a turning point, as well as the extent to which enrichment has exceeded 60% and is considered dangerous by the other side. And that has made it difficult to reach an agreement. According to this professor, if an agreement is reached, it will most likely be accompanied by more strictures.

This professor and researcher in the field of Islamic Revolutionary Studies went on to say about the future negotiating team that, of course, it should be Saeed Jalili's team. This team did not succeed in the conversation in the previous period and entered the field more to spend time. At this point, too, if the team enters the field, one should not expect bargaining for achievement and progress in the negotiation, and as a result, the previous negotiating team should be retained. Dr. Morshedizad according to the process of approving the qualifications of 1400 presidential election, said that today, Thursday, June 26, 1400 (date and day of this conversation), I still hope that the decision of the Guardian Council will be changed and that Larijani will return to the list of candidates for the presidency election. Given that the main issue of the Islamic Republic is the nuclear issue, it seems that at this point, the election of Mr. Reisi will create a break in the negotiation process, unless we consider another issue more important than the nuclear issue. Unless we say the time to get out of N.P.T has arrived, which I think, is beyond reality.

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