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Serious Military Confrontation between Iran and Israel is the Last Resort for Both Countries

Fereydoun Majlesi

Fereydoun Majlisi, a veteran and former diplomat, analyst and researcher in the field of international relations and foreign policy, in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations stated, "I do not think there would be a serious desire to return to the JCPOA, specifically with the preconditions of Iran, and Israel is still enjoying putting threats on Iran, and its objections and reactions are not serious.

It retaliates a little so that the threat would not increase", acknowledging that Biden desired to return to the JCPOA since he had criticized Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA prior to this and believed that he could support Israel in a better way by maintaining the Agreement, while the situation has been changed due to the Iran’s retaliatory steps. Mr. Majlisi emphasized that a serious military confrontation between Israel and Iran is the final solution. For the Islamic Republic of Iran, serious action in favor of otherworldly and jihadi responsibility of the destruction of Israel and its delivery to the Palestinian people, and for Israel to defend survival at all costs. The US position will be diplomatic and military support and giving Israel a free hand, which will cause heavy material and human casualties both to Iran and Israel.

Mr. Majlesi further stated that the war as a final solution, means rocket fire and heavy explosions in Israel, will have an initial reciprocal reaction and will lead to the use of tactical nuclear weapons from both sides, direct US military intervention and air support, and regionalization of the war which tends to be catastrophic. At the end, Fereydoun Majlisi emphasized the fact that the time of the war (if it occurs) will be limited, which will probably be prevented by the responsible parties on both sides.

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