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Dr. Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh

Dr. Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh, Professor of International Relations at the Islamic Azad University, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Iranian Journal of International Relations, linked the current process of renegotiation to JCPOA with the coming to power of Mr. Biden and his political will to return to JCPOA.According to Dr. Mirkooshesh in the Islamic Republic of Iran, due to the bad economic situation and the increasing problems caused by the Corona pandemic, this will was created to return to the negotiating table.




Dr. Mehdi Motaharnia in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations

Dr. Mehdi Motaharnia, a researcher, faculty member, and futurologist, in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations on the nuclear talks in Vienna, said:

"What should be considered about the Vienna talks on Iran and the United States is that both the United States stands on its positions to achieve defined goals, and Iran seek to create an atmosphere in which it can achieve its goals in this area.


Dr. Mehdi Noorbakhsh

Professor of International Relations, University of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Iran's talks in Vienna with the P5 + 1 are moving slowly, but there are hopes that the group will be able to reach a favorable conclusion on the country's nuclear program in the first place. Iran has not yet sat directly at the negotiating table with the United States, but negotiations are still ongoing.


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