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Kaveh Madani, (a senior fellow at Yale University and former deputy head of Iran's Department of Environment, joins The World's host Marco Werman to discuss some of the reasons behind Iran's latest water shortages.)

July 23, 2021 · 3:30 PM EDT

Kaveh, what is the extent of the water shortage in Khuzestan right now? 

Kaveh Madani: The system is essentially water bankrupt. Water demand is far more than the available water. Iran has been using its water resources unsustainably. Khuzestan is just one of these places where the explosion eventually has appeared. People are saying that we have had enough and the environment is actually saying that it has had enough. 

Dr.Michael Blake in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations
Professor of Philosophy, Public Policy, and Governance
University of Washington

Dr. Mohammad Mansournejad

Translated by: Majed Kiasat

Dr. Mohammad Mansournejad Member of the Board of the Iranian Scientific Association for Peace Studies and Researcher in the Field of Politics and International Relations in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vasilache

Professor of European Studies and German Director of the Centre for German and European Studies (CGES/ZDES), Bielefeld University, Germany

In your opinion what are the goals of the United States in the issue of military withdrawal from Afghanistan and its clear handover to the Taliban?

Fereydoun Majlesi

Fereydoun Majlisi, a veteran and former diplomat, analyst and researcher in the field of international relations and foreign policy, in an interview with the Iranian Journal of International Relations stated, "I do not think there would be a serious desire to return to the JCPOA, specifically with the preconditions of Iran, and Israel is still enjoying putting threats on Iran, and its objections and reactions are not serious.

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