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Dr.Ramtin Rezai

With the end of World War II and the rise of the United States as a world superpower, and in other words, the determinant of the rules and regulations of acting in international relations and politics after World War II, the Middle East, generally, in three respects, America has been of vital and undeniable importance as follows:


Dr. Seyed Abdul Amir Nabavi

 Faculty member of the Department of Comparative Studies, Institute of Cultural and Social Studies

Conducting the presidential elections in June 2021 has once again created a debate about the future direction of Iran's foreign policy, as the same debate had been founded in previous elections of Iran, both the President and the parliament. As was experienced in 1992, this time too, most of the comments and speculations are about the JCPOA and how Iran will cooperate with international institutions and major world powers.


 Dr.Akram Salehi

 Graduated from International Relations from Azad University, North Tehran Branch

Iran-US relations have fluctuated in recent years and have never led to the opening of bilateral and friendly relations. Most political factions in the country consider one of the important reasons for this divergence, the duality of sovereignty and government. They believe the regime is reluctant to have normal relations with the United States and governments are not decision-makers, despite their ulterior motives. Therefore, this study tries to answer this question that, what effect will have the upcoming Iranian presidential election on US-Iranian relations? for answer to this question, it seems that the forthcoming presidential elections in Iran and the formation of the 13th government will not affect Iran-US relations in macro-policy and foreign policy due to the fact that governments are agents and the decisions of the president and the government are not decisive.




 Dr. Ramtin Rezaei

 Member of the editorial board of the Iranian Journal of International Relations

The issue of orientation and approach in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most important issues that has always occupied the minds of domestic and foreign experts and analysts. A closer look at the orientation in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially since the 1991s, we have seen significant fluctuations in the orientation and approach from de-escalation and compromise to tension and confrontation and hardening in relations with the world and the region......

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