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Dr.Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh

Managing Director and Publishesr of Iranian Journal of International Relations


The preservation of various Iranian rituals is one of the signs of Iranians' attention to their ancient culture, which has persisted for many years despite many oppositions and obstacles. The rituals of Nowruz, Sizdeh Bedar and Chaahar-Shanbehe-Souri have remained throughout Iran's history and are celebrated every year by Iranians anywhere in the world.

Dr.Akram Salehi

Chief Editor of the Iranian Journal of International Relations

Possession of nuclear energy is a right which derives from public international law and all states have this right. Nevertheless, the threats caused by nuclear energy deviation, from serving humanity to producing and using deadly nuclear weapons, pushed the International Community to conclude a nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.


[Marc Weller is Professor of International Law and International Constitutional Studies at the University of Cambridge and Editor of the Oxford Handbook on the Use of Force in International Law.]

The international rules on the use of force are simple. Force may never be employed as a means of international policy. Force is only available by way of self-defence, if specifically authorized by the UN Security Council or, arguably, when strictly necessary to avert an overwhelming humanitarian emergency.

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